Conference Photos

Renee Baernstein, Cindy Klestinec, and Eileen Joy answer questions after the "Media Circuits, Network Affects" panel, moderated by cris cheek.

Nandita Biswas Mellamphy asks a question after the "Media Circuits, Network Affects" panel.

Adrian Johns presents a keynote entitled, “The Information Defense Industry and the History of Networks.”

Rory Solomon presents on the "Reconsidering Network/History" panel.

Braxton Soderman moderates the discussion following a panel on "Reconsidering Network/History," featuring Pepper Stetler, Sandra Gabriele, and Rory Solomon.

Darren Wershler asks a question following the "Reconsidering Network/History" panel.

"Network Archaeology" co-organizer cris cheek introduces keynote presenter Richard R. John.

Richard R. John presents, "Network Effects?"

Listening to RIchard R. John's keynote presentation.

"Alleys, Grids, Routes" panelists Veronica Paredes, Keir Keightly, and James Purdon.

Marina Peterson, Shannon Mattern, and Sebastian Gießmann present on "Excavating Networks."

Ben Mendelson asks a question after the "Excavating Networks" panel.

Peter Schaefer, Florian Sprenger, and Harmeet Sahweny answer questions after the "Network Transfers" panel.

Jussi Parikka delivers a keynote presentation for "Network Archaeology."

Lisa Gitelman delivers a keynote presentation at "Network Archaeology."

Brooke Belisle, Kris Paulen, and Alex Ingersoll on the panel, "Archaeologies of (Media) Distribution."

Conference co-organizer Nicole Starosielski moderates discussion for "Archaeologies of (Media) Distribution."

John Cayley, J.R. Carpenter, and Darren Wershler on "Texts/Networks/Archives."


Photos taken by Miami University Altman Junior Fellows, Alexandra Tirrell, Alex Underwood, Traci Kim, and Ann Marie Clark, and organizers cris cheek and Nicole Starosielski.