The Forthcoming Public Cloud IaaS Magic Quadrant Tenancy

Performance by Ian Hatcher (Brown University).

(You can fuel this by sponsoring this activity in a hosted private cloud or within your public cloud tenancy)

This new public cloud covers a subset of the market covered by the existing cloud. Please consult cloud market segmentation to understand the segments covered. The existing covers the traditional market (with an emphasis on managed complexity), along with all eight of the cloud market segments. It covers both public and private cloud. This new offering covers multi-tenant clouds. It has a strong emphasis on automated services, with a focus on the scale-out cloud hosting, virtual lab environment, self-managed virtual data center, and turnkey virtual data center segments. The existing weights managed services very highly. By contrast, the new emphasizes automation and self-service. When we say “public cloud”, we mean massive multi-tenancy. This means that the service provider operates, in his or her data center, a pool of virtualized capacity in which multiple arbitrary users will have virtual machines on the same physical server. None need have any idea with whom he or she is sharing this pool of capacity. This does not include any of the cloud-enablement vendors nor does it include any of the vendors in the ecosystem. We expect to weight the scoring heavily towards the requirements of those who need a dependable cloud, but we also recognize the value of commodity cloud to our audience, for certain use cases. We did zero pre-qualification; if you asked for it, you got it. This is a data-gathering exercise. We do not release the qualification criteria in advance of the formal invitations; please do not ask.

[a live performance of voice, text (not the above), audio, projector]

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