Free Lunch Movement: Network as Crime Scene

Performance by Judd Morrissey and Mark Jeffery (SAIC).

(psychogeographic walk / digital display / lunch-time performance)

The Final Problem / Free Lunch Movement is a year-long project encompassing elements of writing, text mining, data-visualization, and community psychogeography, woven together through algorithmic composition. The piece appropriates historical cognitive techniques and computational approaches to crime solving as a means to sculpt, analyze, and visualize its growing body of data. Throughout the project, which began in November 2011, monthly constraints or ‘problems’ are formulated to generate writing for a new ‘chapter’ and two invited guests investigate the problem through mobile writing walks, meeting at the end of their meanderings for a free lunch, courtesy of the project. The Final Problem pursues itself via psychogeographical pathways, wireless networks, and forensic analysis, instigating community random walks as a device to generate and discover the edges of the problem domain.

We propose a two-part intervention for the Network Archaeology Conference. For the first component, we will formulate a problem for the community to approach by engaging in mobile writing walks along random routes for 30 minutes to an hour during the convening. The walks will be visualized in realtime and through their logged data as a projection or flat-screen display of a google map landscape hacked beyond recognition into an experimental rendering of a psychogeographic network. We also propose an ambient lunchtime performance to take place during an ordinary conference lunch. At this time, a small group of recruited participants activate the data – performing the solving of a problem through a choreographed algorithmic ‘play’ in which lines are received via text-to-speech through earbuds.

For more information:

early walks:

Free Lunch Movement is Judd Morrissey, Mark Jeffery and any number of intruders.

The Final Problem / Free Lunch Movement has been commissioned by ELMCIP, Electronic Literature as a Model of Creativity and Innovation in Practice, for Remediating the Social, a conference and exhibition taking place in Edinburgh in November 2012.

Judd Morrissey and Mark Jeffery are a collaboration merging live performance and digital literary practices. The work, which is visual, textual and choreographic, evolves through context-specific research and practice and always considers the constraints of a given venue or occasion. Site-responsive concerns extend beyond the exhibition space to include local communities and online textual activity happening in proximity to an event. A given piece is a body of material that may have no singular fixed form but is alternately or simultaneously presented as large-scale public projection, internet art, durational live installation, or a performance of fixed length. Morrissey and Jeffery have presented throughout the US, UK, and Europe with recent venues including the Cathedral Quarter in the city of Lincoln, UK (commissioned performance distributed throughout multiple outdoor sites), Hyde Park Art Center (Chicago), Museum of ContemporaryArt Chicago, Center of Contemporary Culture Barcelona, Bergen ArtMuseum, House of World Cultures (Berlin), Chicago Cultural Center, andthe Ontological-Hysteric Theater in NYC. Both artists teach at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and were members of the seminal international performance collective Goat Island.

Artist Websites:

Judd Morrissey:

Mark Jeffery:


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